The number 3,750 (Chapter 2)

March 2017 Campaign Story

Education in Haiti

Key #1: Tuition

Chapter 2

By: Rachalie Barthelemy

Date Created: 3/13/17


“The number 3,750.”

Are you ready for this?

Yes, this!

Chapter 2 of our Campaign Story! (Well, I guess you can’t honestly tell me if you are unless you’ve read the chapter. 😃)

So, let’s begin with a question!

Up till now, how much money have you spent on your entire education?

Like everything. From pre-K to present day. (Dear Lord, are you ready to do the math?)

And while you do your calculations at home, as an example, I’ll calculate how much mine cost right here. (And prepare yourselves cause these numbers aren’t going to be pretty.)

  • Pre-K & Elementary school totaled approximately $30,000 (Yeah, I attended catholic, private schools. Mistake? Not a mistake? Debatable.)
  • High School totaled approximately $24,000 (Yup, I did the same thing here. And apart from my friendships, yeah, I’d say this was a mistake.)
  • College totaled approximately $186,000 (**insert exaggerated boisterous laughter right here please**…No like seriously, I give you permission to laugh. So, like laugh away, because I laugh every time I see this amount. Therefore, why shouldn’t you laugh, you know? I even lightly chuckle every now and then. Cause if I didn’t, I’d probably start crying. Mm, maybe become depressed and ish and I’m not about that life anymore. So, again, laugh away. But do you know what kills from time to time? The fact that it would have (should have) been less. Oh yeah, it so would have. But I found out halfway through my first semester that my college would not accept the award money they personally gave me towards my tuition. And the award money was kind of the main reason why I chose their school. So, mistake. Most definitely.)
  • Graduate school totaled approximately $60,000 (Well, I did enjoy myself here...)

So, when we do the math, what’s my grand total?

$300,000? Yup. It seems so, give or take a few thousand dollars, in approximation.



Like seriously?

All this money was spent on one individual with no guarantee of obtaining the “great job” (not profession) that’s been advertised to come with such “great education”? (And mind you this amount does not include money spent on uniforms, school supplies, textbooks…Oh. My. Goodness. Holy Moses on a chu-chu train! Who could forget those heavy, overly priced textbooks!!!)

And if I divide $300,000 by $80, which is the average yearly tuition total of a student that attends Sainte Rose De Lima in Leogane, Haiti, 3,750 children could have either started or continued their education.

Let me say this again just so we’re clear.

My. Education. Alone. Would. Have. Sent. Three. Thousand. Seven. Hundred. And. Fifty. Children. To. School. For. An. Entire. Year.

Well, with this realization, I did what most wouldn’t do and cried.

I literally cried for a good solid minute.

Because I kept picturing them. 3,750 children. That’s a lot of children. And then a moment later, I also realized that $300,000 could have easily paid for every student currently attending Sainte Rose De Lima, 5 times over.

Does this make any sense?

Am I really supposed to accept this?

And what makes me any more deserving of such an “education” than any other child in Haiti, or anywhere else in the world?  

The answer to this question is nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

I am no more nor any less deserving than anyone else, which includes those girls that do attend and wish to attend school at Sainte Rose De Lima.

So why then do such disparities in our education systems exist?  

Has no one, or even a group of individuals, been able to create a universal cure that would heal all this ridiculousness at its roots?

Well, if you’d like to pause reading this piece so you can donate $8 right now for a month’s worth of education for our girls at Sainte Rose De Lima, then please, go right ahead because this is a start! Here’s the link:

But it took me a while—more than a year and a half to be exact—to formulate what I believe is the beginning of a self-sustaining and stable solution to this issue. The first part of my overall plan—in reference to Haiti—begins with KOTHI’s Education is Key Program, which this campaign supports.

In the chapters to come, I will introduce you to the concept of my overall solution, I will dive into the specifics of our Education is Key Program and I will talk about the education system established in Haiti today. So, stay tuned for chapter 3 coming your way!

And again, if it is within your means to donate $8 for the month, please feel free to click the link below and donate for our girls!

Thank you so much!