Key #1: Tuition

Deep-Seeded Love (Chapter 1)

March 2017 Campaign Story

Education in Haiti  

Key #1: Tuition

Chapter 1

By: Rachalie Barthelemy

Date Created: 3/8/17


“Deep-seeded Love”


Hi all you wonderful, awesome-sauce people! :D

Starting today, I’ll be taking you on a journey that has personally become near and dear to my heart.

So, what is this journey I’m talking about?

Well, it’s kind of hard to explain in one sitting since there are many facets to it. But I will tell you this. Its core resides in my understanding of the deep-seeded love that I possess for the country I was born in and for the country that has stolen my heart, the United States and Haiti, respectfully.

I’ll reveal this portion of the journey piece by piece in later chapters! (Sorry! I can’t reveal it all right here! Where would the fun in that be? 😉)

But at this very moment, I’d like to bring your attention to KOTHI’s education campaign, which is currently in motion!

$8. A. Month. For. Education. In. Haiti.

What does this mean to you?

Well actually, let me take a step back and ask you this instead. What do you know about the education system in Haiti? Does one even exist? How about the quality of this system? Is it any good? Is it consistent? Is it stable? Oh, but wait! What about this! Have you ever wondered why the education system in Haiti has not improved although millions (or even billions) of dollars have been “raised” for it after all these years?

No? Does this not perplex you?

Well, if it doesn’t, that’s okay. (And don’t let anyone tell you different! **insert sharp nod here**)

You are entitled to be true to your own feelings. And I respect them completely.

Therefore, I’ll let you in on my answer to this question, based on my feelings, and say that this entire system does in fact perplex me. So much so that it makes me restless.

So, what is a 25-year-old Haitian American to do with all this perplexity and restlessness? Well I did what any other individual would do.

I started doing my own little research.

I looked up whatever I could find on education in Haiti on the internet. I talked with my parents, aunts, and uncles since most of them were born, raised, and went to school in Haiti. And I obtained (and do still obtain) current information from the director of Sainte Rose De Lima, which is a primary school located in Leogane, Haiti, which KOTHI is currently affiliated with.    

With all this information, extracted from various sources, I broke down Education in Haiti into 4 main parts. Why? Well, it had something to do with my passion for the human body, or healthcare, in general. I began thinking about the 4 chambers of the heart: the right atrium, the right ventricle, the left atrium, and the left ventricle, while analyzing all the information I had obtained.

(Oh, and side note! This is how Keys of the Heart got its name! When I would think about any aspect of development in Haiti, I tended to feel as if they were “locked” in some way. I couldn’t really put my finger on it at the time. But I felt that “things”, or certain factors, were blocking their potential to grow and improve. Now, with this feeling keeping me up at night, I began to ask myself, if these aspects of development, like that of education, were “locked”, then what would it take to unlock them?)   

Well, that where the four main parts, or keys, came to mind!

The first key is Tuition. (Which is targeted for the development of Education only.)

The second is Quality.

The third is Freedom.

And the fourth is Growth.

Tuition. Quality. Freedom. And Growth. These are the four keys, I believe, will unlock each “chamber” of the major lock, which is the very heart of Education in Haiti itself.

Now that you know what these four keys are, I hope you have a better understanding as to why KOTHI is first campaigning for the tuition of students.

In Haiti, the ability to pay for school tuition is not something most parents can afford (And I’m talking millions of parents and/or guardians here). I’m sure most of you can relate. Education in the States, in regards to tuition, is no joke. Many of you might be reading this and know far too well what I mean. (**insert fist pump for relatability right here**) But when I bring about awareness to tuition in both these countries, making sure to back my work with some math and relevant sources that you can take a look at to verify, I hope you all will understand how powerful a donation of $8 for a month can be when incorporated into a working system, like that of KOTHI’s, in Haiti.

Well, I will stop here and leave you with these thoughts for today! Please feel free to comment below and share this chapter with either those you feel could relate to what I’ve said above or to those who you feel would be interested in reading this piece.

Lastly, I will mention this! Among my numerous passions, sketching and painting happen to be two of them. So, I sketched a picture of the four keys and major lock on education in Haiti so that you can get a visual as to what my mind was thinking at the time I obtained what I researched. (I hope you like it! Let me know what you think of it! I might take it to the next step and start creating several paintings out of it to sell with all the proceeds allocated for this campaign! Would any of you be interested in buying one? Or several? Lol! Let me know either in the comments section below or via email at and I will definitely consider making one for you.)

Thank you all for joining me on the start of what I know will be an awesome journey! And stay tuned for Chapter 2 coming to you soon!