Our mission is…

  • To provide a pathway of Educational advancement, self-sufficiency, communal prosperity, empowerment and infinite growth, in all aspects of development, for women and female children living in Haiti.

We strive to…

  • Engage in successful partnerships and become the avenue that connects reputable partners who share our similar mission and goals.  
  • Inspire the younger generation—children, teenagers, young adults—to stand up, be the voice and the effective driving force in making a change within their own communities, while pursuing their own personal passions.

We plan to…

  • Run this organization through the unique and creative minds of hard working, passionate, young-adults.
  • Use our Key Model and our resources to effectively achieve both our short- and long-term goals.
  • Work in accompaniment with those we serve. 

Love is always the victor 100% of the time.
— Rachalie Barthelemy, CEO & Founder