Sponsoring a Child at Sainte Rose De Lima


The fact that you're on this page right now, even thinking of possibly sponsoring one of our students at Sainte Rose is a blessing in itself!

We have a goal to pay for 40 students this coming school year using our Key Partial Coverage Plan, which we enforce under our Education is Key Program. 

After visiting Sainte Rose De Lima in Leogane, Haiti and truly listening to the needs of this school from its director, Sr. Marie Lourdes Joseph, we agreed to work alongside Sr. Joseph to create a unique and individualized program that is actively affiliated with Sainte Rose De Lima to this current day. It is called the Sainte Rose De Lima Tuition Sponsorship Program that falls under our major Education is Key Program.

The primary mission of our Education is Key Program is to provide opportunities for children to obtain a high-quality level of education. From donating essential supplies to aiding in the payment of school tuition, this program will work alongside affiliated schools to provide a more comfortable, sustainable and enjoyable learning environment so that all students may thrive and achieve infinite success. Within our sponsorship program for Sainte Rose De Lima, we’ve established a unique system called the Key Partial Coverage Plan that will cover $50 out of the yearly $80 of a selected student’s tuition for the entire school year. The remaining $30 of the school’s tuition must be paid by the guardian(s)/parent(s) of the students who have been selected into the program.

This Key Partial Coverage Plan was created using our Key Model. With this model in mind, our partial coverage plan:

  • Allows parent(s) and/or guardian(s) time to raise money for the rest of the school year
  • Leave a level of responsibility in parent(s) and/or guardian(s) hands
  • Allows for an affordable contribution to be made by sponsors and donors
  • Decreases financial stress on the institution  
  • Allows for a partial dependence on KOTHI 

It is important to make note that since we in no way wish to replace the parental role of any guardian(s)/parent(s) in giving a high level of education to their child/children nor do we wish to instill a loss of ownership and responsibility in financially providing education to their child/children, guardian(s)/parent(s) of selected students are contracted to pay the remaining $30 via our application form.

This unique approach in the establishment of this program is one of the key factors as to why this program would be highly favorable to implement in any affiliated school within Leogane, Haiti for the accountability, honor, and respect of every guardian/parent of every selected child will be maintained, held strong in truth, and compassionately cherished throughout its establishment.  

How to become a part of the KOTHI Sponsorship Collective:

  • Fill out the registration form below!
  • Make the necessary donation on our DONATION PAGE!
  • If you wish to send any money orders or checks to Keys of the Heart Inc., let us know via this form and we will be sure to inform you of the proper instructions on how to do so via email.

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